When You Open Your Eyes

When we dare to open our eyes, then we will know more about a lot of things in this world. Sometimes a person does not want to open his eyes farther, they just open your eyes to something that makes them happy. When we open eyes, we see how the state of the world, a lot of sad things and painful things happen, but we do not know and do not even care. We always close our eyes to things like that. you can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you can not close your heart to the things you do not want to feel. Each person must have a sense of caring.


We might be able to close our eyes to things that we think it does not concern us, so we do not care about it. when I open my eyes and see the world even further, I saw a lot of things that have never been seen, a lot of poverty, abandoned children, old people still work for her life, the person who is fighting against the the disease, and people people who do not get love from family or others. Sometimes I do not care about it, and now I think it’s wrong, I had to open my eyes to it, I had to open my eyes and look around me. doing positive things, always be someone who always helps, I will strive for it.


” Open Your Eyes, Look Within. Are You Satisfied … , With The Life You’re Living ? “



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