Patience For Something Better

Patience will lead us to better things, we do not need to force something, we do not need to be selfish of wanting something. I made an illustration, if we have not been able to buy a car, do not force for a car loan, just buy a a motorcycle. If we have not been able to and can afford to buy a house, do not force to home loans fancy, just a house contract. If we have not been able to buy an office, do not force it to the debt, just rent a place to be used as an office. Do not listen to our people talk, think about fate of our own in the future if all that we do.


Most problems happened not because requirement are already fulfilled, but because desire is too high for some things but we could not get it. Patience is the answer to that problem. Delay pleasure, a luxurious lifestyle shows that we are not rich people, but it’s all just show that we many styles, redundant and arrogant. We just need to be relaxed and enjoy, if the time comes, then all our wishes will be reached, do not need to be forced. we had to fight to get them with patience and sacrifice, do not be instant.

” Without Patience, We Will Learn Less In Life. We Will See Less. We Will Feel Less. We Will Hear Less. Ironically, Rush And More Usually Mean Less “




  1. I agree with you on the point that things come on their due time and we should have patience…but I also believe that we need to work harder towards our dreams, with patience of course for the results. Take one day at a time and yearn to grow as human being, as person and most of all as a dreamer 🙂

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    1. alifsatria00 says:

      Yeah,thanks 🙂

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