I feel helpless now, I feel lost, I can’t feel anything, I think I’m starting to get lost and confused. I do not know what I stand for now, I am also confused by the purpose of my life now. a problem that always comes, and the meaning of happiness that I haven’t found. I am easy to stress right now, even though I am still young and I already have a problem that is actually not ready for me to face alone. I lost my real self. I was like in a box but I locked it myself. For those of you who are experiencing the same thing as me, let’s fight together, now I realize that the depression that I’m experiencing is because I think too much of a burden that really doesn’t need to be thought about, we just have to make ourselves comfortable and happy.
yeah.. we all have burdens, sometimes we can and dare to share it with others and sometimes not. but that doesn’t matter, we’re just having a bad day and we also have a beautiful day, let’s fight for this life and for the people we love.


“Afraid to live but we are also afraid of death, forget it! let’s fight for our lives and our loved ones.”



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