True Happiness

I no longer know how many sins have been recorded in the book of angels, maybe day by day the record is increasing. But is this just my feeling, or maybe it really does exist. Do you all feel the same way?, the older we get, the more things about life we ​​realize?.

Do you agree?.


When I was little, I always dreamed that when I grew up I could have everything I wanted, have a luxurious life and fill my days with fun things. Now, i’m 24 years old, and I realize that’s not what I want. Tt turns out that happiness is not just price and has everything, happiness in my opinion is when we can be grateful for what we can, what we have, what we give and all the good things we do for ourselves and for others. Now it is time for me to be grateful with all that is in my life, always do good, always be grateful and be a useful person for this world and life.

Semangat Selalu Buat Teman Teman Yang Sedang Berjuang Diluar sana

— Alif Satria —


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