What am I really looking for?

Lately I often sit alone roof of the house, with a cup of coffee and cigarettes. sometimes I think why my life is like this, I often feel empty and confused. I have a job and my income is not big enough but I think it’s enough for my life now. As I sipped my coffee, I told myself “is life just like this?” work, eat, drink, laugh, alone, find a girl and get married. I just feel very bored today, I don’t care about what will happen tomorrow, I just focus on living what is right now. woman? I really have forgotten how to date, I don’t really think about women right now, I don’t know what happened to me, I think I still haven’t found what I’m really looking for until now. do you think I’m stressed? no !, I’m still fine. in my opinion life is indeed like black and white, there are things that are always contradictory and opposites, as well as water and fire. I always pray and hope to find what I am really looking for soon and I also hope that for you who like me find it soon too.


― tatsat, The Absolute


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