Sometimes We Have To Be Sick, To Be Able To Learn More Powerful

People easily give up, always complaining to the circumstances, they are weak because they have not been more pain. Sometimes i think the pain that I feel is a suffering, I do not want to get pain, but after some of the pain that I feel, I learned one thing, it is a new powers that I felt after I felt pain. If we feel the excruciating pain and make us suffer, do not be afraid, think it is an chance given to us to make become a stronger person.


I know not everyone can fight the pain, some people give up. I’ve never tasted it, I got a lot of problems, I got a lot of bad luck, I ever thought my life was very bad, and it all makes me weak. a situation that made me become more powerful is when I got a very difficult problem and I managed to overcome the problem, and it makes me feel stronger and are not afraid to face another problem. if in this life we never feel pain then we will be very weak person, I believe it. I have changed my mind about the pain, the more pain I feel, I’ll sort it out and make the pain was a new power that made me become stronger.


” Don’t Get Lost In Your Pain, Know That One Day Your Pain Will Become Your Cure “

– RUMI –



  1. howanch says:

    no pain no gain

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  2. Soul Gifts says:

    I’m glad you found a way of growing stronger and better. May you continue to grow and prosper. Thank you for the follow of my blog.

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  3. alifsatria00 says:

    yeahh sure, be strong and better.


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