When Many Children Cry

How can I explain the fear you feel ?. Because we were born into this cruel world, where man is killin ‘man but no one knows just why, a lot of death everytime, no sense of humanity, many children die and suffer. When many children are crying, then we have to convey to them, we have attempted to make this a better world, the dream of everyone is that we all can live with love and peace.


When the children cry, then the world in condition were not good, we must show the way, To a better day for all the young, Because You were born for the world to see, but when a lot of children who sing and dance, then a new world and a beautiful world will begin. See a child smile, sing or dance is a happiness that will make this world better.


” If You Have Told A Child A Thousand Times And He Still Does Not Understand, Then It Is Not The Child Who Is The Slow Learner “



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