Stars Can Not Shine Without The Darkness!

Stars can not shine without the darkness. it is a sentence that has a beautiful meaning. I mean it is a victory gained by hard work and patience. we will feel a success if we had passed the heavy stuff and a lot of failure or defeat. if we want something, we have to attempted for it. I was the first person who easily give up and confused to do anything, but now after many days I passed, from the many mistakes that I have passed, many failures that had I passed by, and a lot of sadness I had felt. I believe one thing, stars can not shine without the darkness.


We will not shine without sacrifice, we would not shine without a struggle, we will not shine without fail, we will not shine without the encouragement and spirit of ourselves and others, we will not shine without the hurdles and obstacles, we will not shine taste pain and grief, and we will not shine without prayer and hope. In life there will be many negative things, so it all depends on ourselves and how what we use to make our own light.


” The Light Shines In The Darkness, But The Darkness Has Not Understood It “

– JOHN E.S –


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