Positioning Himself To Be A Fool Is A Wise Thing

The above title is something I have to prove yourself, look silly does not mean we become rang stupid, sometimes someone deliberately look stupid to always get attention and humility, not better look foolish of us look pedantic, people look stupid always ask premise is that if do not know, always get help from people who are smart enough to fool many people liked and respected. I am not influence or simply tell people to look stupid, but more to the attitude of humble and not arrogant against the advantages we have.




Why do I call it a thoughtful gesture ??
because not everyone want to look stupid in front of other people, better look stupid and ask what we do not know, rather than look smart but we do not know anything. so I always positioned itself as a fool, so I got better, humble, humble, not arrogant and respect others


 ” The Fool Speaks, The Wise Man Listens “




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