The Secret Behind The Karl Mayer Song

“Karl mayer is a voice / symphony / music that can affect the human brain. The sound can be said to destroy the mental man and makes him mad. The sound is” sound pollution “or a noisy sound and a headache. There is no element of the supernatural at all in in this voice. Depending on the “magical” thinking what people are listening to this voice.

It is said that this voice is used to interrogate someone to get her to confess because of a headache with this voice. The impact what often happens is paranoid, migraines, and earache.

Link Download  ==> Karl Mayer – Reverse

Here’s the explanation if you do not dare to listen / watch :

1. you will hear a little boy who giggled coquettish, with a very shrill voice. accompanied by moans like a humming sound.
2. giggle had been turned into a scream that very very squeaky, with a very high voice nearing ultrasonic limit. this is where your ear usually become ill. still accompanied giggle-giggle.

mystery_and_darkness_by_crazytyler293. The sound of screams and groans had stopped and became a child’s voice was humming and singing the melody without lyrics.
4. The sound grew louder-louder, and there was a woman’s voice screaming, and suddenly the sound of the voices that are very noisy (like TV bersemut but with a very high volume) carefully who have heart disease, this can be very surprising ,
5. The noise stopped, and the voice of women giggling and humming sounds again. this time accompanied by the sound of a crying woman.
6. The chime sounds to be very noisy, here you will usually feel dizzy. The voices grew louder, and finally to the sound of TV bersemut was also getting bigger.


Death Message Adolph Hitler

our-fuhrer-a-portrait-of-adolf-hitler-everettHitler was one of the great world leaders were responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews. He was also responsible for a war that makes Europe so heated. In the hands of Hitler, Germany had a mission to conquer the world.

But Hitler wishes it so the wind after he decided to end his own life by shooting himself. Meanwhile his wife poisoned himself with cyanide. The day after the death of this ruthless dictator, a testament found. Here testament left by Hitler:

“I die with a happy heart … I have made the achievement of the world with the army.”

In the last sentence of Hitler make the parting words:

“My wife and I would rather die than have to surrender. Our desire is that this body immediately burned at this place. The place where I was for 12 years of service to the people. “



– Adolph Hitler-



Care About The Poverty





The poverty is a thing to note in this world, even so it took the attention of the world, although it has a lot of social assistance for the poor, in fact it is still lacking, there are still many rural communities who do not receive social assistance, it may be many factors that make we are poor, education, local culture, there is no intention to go forward, and much more. But as human beings we should help each other, wherever there is someone who needs help, without thinking we directly help, think again, If everyone helped each other in a place where they are, not the poor of this world will be reduced and even better, do not be arrogant man who only think about themselve.


“Happiness Is Real,When We Share”

-In To The Wild-



Resource :

In a survey conducted by a group of Swedish researchers to 80 countries of the tolerance of countries in the world against a distinction put India as the first racist state, in one after another by Shiite Iran in second place and Nigeria in third.

Meanwhile, the results can differ even in the United States, Australia and the UK, in which people in this country actually 3 shows a high tolerance for differences is happening around them, in a survey conducted by the World Values Survey.

And what about our beloved country Indonesia? Well the pictures can be from news agency Sky News showed that Indonesia was marked with light brown, which means indicates that racist and discriminatory attitudes are still quite high in this country.

Racism Is One of The Forms We Do Not Appreciate God’s Creation”




Don’t Hate If You Don’t Understand


Many people are always blaspheme, curse, even hate what they should not deserve to be hated. see people who smoke, we hate, see thieves everywhere, we hate, to see people who are always angry with us, we hate to see people with a bad view, we hate. do not be a stupid man, because we can not judge someone just from one side.

“Don’t Hate What You Don’t Understand”
-John Lennon-