Take That Chance, Because It’s Gone Before You Know It

Let us do something, while we have the chance !. Let us the make the most of it, before it is too late !. Sometimes chance came suddenly, but we can also create chance that come to us, sometimes we just do not want to take it. Many things about an chance, the point is how do we take a chance and make the chance of it being a useful thing for us. An chance also has risks, therefore it was not everyone‘s willing to take risks.


A chance not to be twice, even though sometimes we have a second chance for it. if there is chance then to do the maximum, because if we do not take a chance and ignore it, one day it will make us regret. if there is chance in our lives, then stand for it, do the maximum that chance, make a chance to be a useful thing for us, because the same chance will not come twice, the chance was lost without us realizing and it’s gone before you know it

” Every Year On Your Birthday, You Get A Chance To Start New “



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