Be Thankful For What You Have

Many people who are not grateful for what he has. they are still not satisfied with all of that. they always feel deprived and do not think of anyone else who did not have anything. I feel lucky to be born in the family who could make me feel something fun in this world. Now, I have to do to help people who can not be like me and be grateful for what I have today.


A lot of things that we should see in this world, even in our own environment, there are many things that still can not see with our eyes. we just look up and do not look down. when we look up, we will always feel deprived, and if we look down, then it will make us always be grateful and humble. help each other, share with each other, care for each other will make this world a better and even the world would be the most beautiful place.

” Be Thank For What You Have; You’ll End Up Having More. If You Concentrate On What You Don’t Have, You Will Never, Ever Have Enough “



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