Do Not Be Angry With The Rain

We should not be angry with the rain, it simple does not  know how to fall upward. Rain is one of the grace from god. some people think that rain is a disaster. let us think again about it. Sometimes it rains at the right time, when we need water, when we are sad, when we are alone, when we missed something, when we want something that has not been achieved, when we’re happy, we wetting rains and the earth. We can feel the rain. But in other situations, rain can bring disasters such as floods, landslides, and storms. therefore that there are people who hate the rain and there are people who love the rain.


Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, disaster, misfortune, loneliness, failure, but you can not have a rainbow without a little rain. we should not hate the rain, because we need the rain, the rain sometimes brings pain for us, but it did not matter, because the pain is going to make us stronger and will increase our spirit for the future. so do not hate the rain just because the rain been made us sick.


” Let The Rain Wash Away, All The Pain Of Yesterday “





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