We Fall In Love With The People We Can’t Have

Every person must have fall in love, but even though we’ve fallen in love, it is not necessarily we will get it. Sometimes we fall in love with someone, but we do not know how to describe it. What often happens is we fall in love with the people we can’t have. we love someone, but even if we love him we can not have, probably for many reasons and there are some things that make us can not. This just as we see a rainbow, we can only admire it, see the beauty, and all that we can not have.


If something like that happened to us, in my opinion we have to do is think of a reason why we can not have it, if the reason for it is very strong and is no longer possible for us to have, the best thing we have to do is keep loving, guard, keep an eye on, and kept pray for him. Some people say, love someone without being able to have it is foolish and useless, but on the other side, love someone without being able to have is proof that a person is very special for us. Now I agree with the phrase “love is not must have an“. How About You ?


” Maybe It Is Desperation. Maybe We Can’t Let Things Fall Apart Without Trying. We Can’t Let Go Of The People We love “






  1. rumpydog says:

    Maybe what we need to do is get over this idea we can “have” anyone. People are not possessions.

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    1. alifsatria00 says:

      yes, I agree with you, humans are not stuff, and love would not be beautiful if they are forced

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