Only Trust Someone Who Can See These Things In You

First, people who saw the sadness behind your smile.
Only a few people who could see the sadness behind the smile us, most people can not see it. Sometimes we only get to see someone from the outside, not the inside. sometimes someone deliberately did not show his grief to others, not because he did not want to, but because she did not want others to participate in his grief.


Second, people who see the love behind your anger.
In anger there must be a reason why someone is angry, only people who are really close, dear and caring who could see it. people can deaden a person’s anger and saw no love from the anger that is the person who shall ye protect and trust.
Third, people who see the reason behind your silence.
some people may not care about the surroundings, see someone who are sad, they do not care, to see someone happy, they do not care, but there are some people who care.


” Trust Is Built In Very Small Moments “



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