Only Hope

Expecting something a lot is a very painful thing, we often expect something, but we do not think about what we were expecting it. Sometimes hope is a very dangerous thing, the thing that can make us mad and not thinking clearly. but the hope is the nicest thing in the world, probably the best thing, and good things will never die. we should have to be careful with all that we had hoped for.


We always look forward to good things, difficult to expect something to happen, it does not matter, it’s just our expectations. I wish I loved a lot of people, I hope people can respect me, I hope I can get a good wife and beautiful, I hope to have a big house, I hope to have a very fast car, I hope to have a happy family, I hope continues can make friends with people who love me, and I hope the world can become a better place. Only hope ?? Start with hope, then set steps to achieve them, and remember one thing, be careful with what we expected.


” Hope Is Like A Road In The Country; There Was Never A Road, But When Many People Walk On It, The Road Comes Into Existence “



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