Don’t Judge Me From My Childhood, Judge Me From The Changes That I made

Many people judge a person from his childhood, for example, someone who had a childhood very bad, stealing, promiscuity is bad, lack of affection, most people judge it was not good, and they were going to get a bad future, but that all is not quite true, a lot of people who had a bad childhood but has a good future, why? because they can change for the better and learn from mistakes.


People just judging from the bad side, they do not see the bright side. even if someone has a bad childhood does not mean they will get a bad future, too, we should grades the changes that he had made,what changes he did, what good things he did and what action he did change for the better. In judging a person, judge of the two sides, do not judge unilaterally, if we judge someone with one side, it reflects how ourselves in the eyes of others.


” Childhood Is Like Being Drunk, Everyone Remembers What You Did, Except You !! “




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