Good Friend And Bad Friend Is Not A Strange Thing

Friends come and go, a bad friend and a good friend is not a strange thing. it’s all part of life. bad friend gave us a lesson of something bad, and that we determine to be like. a good friend gave us the confidence, the drive to be better and always there when we’re in trouble. mutual respect and mutual keeping is key to maintaining a friendship. if in a friendship, a sense of trust is high, then the thing to do is keep to remain stable, do not ruin a trust that has been made, it is very easy to find a friend of this world but it is very difficult to find friends who understand and have always supported us.

Friendly group of people waving to you


We do not know how this relationship will work, but one thing is definitely true friendship is everlasting and will never be lost. friends with everyone, we can not selecting in friendship, we must be open to friendships, and learn from the friendship of a good friend and a bad friend. Always support and guard the good friends, and learn from a bad friend on the other side of a friendship, never leave a bad friend but trying to get closer and gave him the meaning of a friendship.


” Good Friends Are Like Stars. You Don’t Always See Them, But You Know They’re Always There “





  1. It was awazing! I hope happiness always be yours.

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    1. alifsatria00 says:

      wow, howandi chandra blog is coming


      1. I just want to comment your post. then I log in using my email. And i was surprised that I’ve made a blog in 2013. I don’t remember it, I swear. I was really shocked about this. Hahaha.

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  2. alifsatria00 says:

    What are you waiting for ?? let’s create a posting!!


  3. pastorross12 says:

    Your post reminded me of Psalm 1 in the Bible. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    1. alifsatria00 says:

      you’re welcome 🙂


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