Think And Thank

Think of all we must be grateful and thank God for all the graces and gifts. we are always a lot of complaining to the circumstances, complain to the parents who can not give us what we want. complain to the world and people who have a better life. we try to think, to live what we are doing now, and thank God and be grateful to all who have been there in our lives.

Little girl with balloons on sky background

Think about what we’ve got now, think about those people who do not have anything, think about people who are poorer than we are, think about people who have a life worse than us, think of those people who always works hard for his life, think of people who do not healthy or sick, think about the people who are fighting the disease, think about those people who do not have family, think about the people who live in the woods, under bridges, on the streets and in a decent life. if we complained to the state think about it. there are still many people who suffered more than us, before we complained to the life, think and look down, do not think that we are only the most miserable person in the world. grateful and thankful for all that we have.

” You Hate Your Life, While Some People Dream Of Having Your Life “



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