Great Men Are Not Born Great, They Grow great

Great people, smart people, and good people, not born directly as such. great people grow up to be great with a variety of challenges, sorrows, and hard work, as well as smart people and good people, they are not born smart and good, but they grow up to be smart and good. it all depends on us, towards which we will grow, whether we will be the body in the right direction or we are growing in the wrong direction.


Sometimes we often think, why we are born stupid, born poor, born bad. if we are surrender to the situation and just complain a lot, then we will remain as it is and there will be no change. If we are born stupid, then grows into someone who’s smart, if we are born poor, it grew to become rich, if we are born bad, there is growing into a better person, do not let circumstances make us weak. I am among those who have felt it, I complain a lot with the state, but over time, I began to think positively, every human being is born with a form and under different circumstances, all depends on us to continue towards where we are to grow.


” You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start. But You Have To Start To Be Great “




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