If You Want To Be Understand, Listen !

One of the best ways we know about a problem is to listen. many people do not understand, confused, not because they are stupid, but because they did not listen. much better to listen than to talk a lot. people can solve problems quickly and understand a lot of things are people who like to listen or a good listener. better to be silent and listening than talking but do not understand about that.

'Megamind' Paris Premiere

As humans, we do not have to always listen, sometimes we also need to talk and ask about something. but we can much better understand something, if we become a good listener, sometimes we get bored to listen, but if we want to understand something, then we should listen first and talk if there is a problem to be solved.


If You Want To Understand Something, LISTEN And Not A Lot To Say Things That Are Not Necessary “



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