It’s Easy to Fool the Eye But It’s Hard To Fool The Heart

The eye is very easy to be lied, just to see we can be fooled by anything that, for example, we see people who pretend well, once we immediately fooled by the attitude of the person. therefore, eye or vision we could have been deceived, but differ with heart or feelings, the heart is very difficult to be deceived, when we see something so bad in our eyes, our hearts say different things, our hearts see there is a side positive from it.


We can be deceived by someone, but we still have a heart that knows about the truth. eye is easy to be lied tap, not to our hearts. in a different situation, why the heart is very difficult to be lied? because the heart is a feeling of our soul. example was very frequently we experienced was when we fell in love with someone and we do not dare to say it, we could fool not to love him, but what about our hearts? our hearts will not be able to accept it. If there is someone who can easily deceive the hearts and feelings, then I think that person does not have a good soul.


” I Always Tell The Truth. Even When I lie “



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