If It Come,Let It. If It Goes, Let It.

Many things in this world that often we do not expect his arrival. Sometimes we forced him to come, and sometimes we are also forced to leave. being an adult is one way to respond to it. if something comes to us, we should be ready and answered “Let It”, as well as some things that go of ourselves “Let It”. does not everyone can accept new things come into his life, and not everyone can accept these things away from him. there is try and force something that was going to come back, it is futile.


There are things that I care about, and also there are things that I would not care about it. If something good comes to me, I will accept it well, if things went well, I would not force him to come back, let things come, and back. when something bad comes, I will take it in my own way, I will not be sad or sorry if ha evil comes, because it all of is the art of life, bad things and good things like a glass that face each other, they are together but has a different reflection. if something good comes “Let It”, if something bad is coming “Let it”. all depends on how you react to it.


“Letting Go Does Not Mean You Stop Caring. It Means You Stop Trying To Force Others To “



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