We All Need Mirrors To Remind Ourselves Who We Are

Sometimes we often forget about ourselves, we want to be someone else, we want what is owned by someone else, we want to be known to others, we want everything. everyone needs a mirror to constantly remind ourselves who we really are, do not be someone other than ourselves. many people forget about himself, many factors that influence it, maybe the environment, playmate, workplace or wherever it was. therefore we need a mirror that always reminds us to always be an humble and to remind ourselves who we are. acted correctly, be yourself and always be an inferiority


look in the mirror gives us a picture of ourselves, and it would make us think who we are, we need to look in the mirror every day so that we are reminded who we are. Who are we ? What about ourselves? all that was our choice, we are determining the fate and our future, not someone else. for it be the one who was always humble, not arrogant, and always thought that in this world there are many people who are better than us.

” What We Do Flows From Who We Are “




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