Happiness Is Only Real, When We Shared

There are a lot of happiness in this world, as well as sadness. happiness is something that is needed and desired by everyone. a lot of people who want to get happiness in a way that is not good, and there is also a good way. but in my view, it was a real happiness when we can share with each other. if we could share and care for each other, then the happiness that we feel will be a little different, inner happiness and mind. if happiness merely to show off the luxury, got everything, do a fun activity, frequent holidays. all of it is happiness for the people. but from what I feel and I see, all that was not the real happiness. all of it is happiness that we feel is only momentary and not benefits for others.


Actually there are many opinions about this happiness, because happiness felt by every person is different. Everyone has their views about it. But, when we can share, mutual understanding, mutual care, help each other, work together, and always be humble, it was true happiness.

” I Have Lived Through Much, And Now I Think I Have Found What Is Needed For Happiness “



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