If Many People Disturb You, You Are People Who Actually Lucky. WHY?

We are often disturbed, be insulted and been tampered. it’s actually not too bad, but it is a very good thing, why? because we are people who considered their presence and be recognized by everyone. if we are insulted, harassed, we should feel happy because we are the lucky ones because people care about us and acknowledge our existence. try to imagine a person who never bullied, insulted, been tampered, in fact it makes them happy but if we could see it from a different side, why are we not disturbed? because we do not recognize its existence, people think we do not have, and do not want to interact with us.


Insults, disorders, bladder, it is often the case at the present time, such as schools, offices, public places and other places. if it is a victim of it, we should think of some positives from it all, do not be sad, think about it constantly, hate with our own circumstances. just think on the bright side, which is why people do that to us, because we are recognized, people recognize that we are there and they want to interact with us, think that we belong to one of the many lucky people in this world.


” Never Let The Future Disturb You. You Will Meet It , If You Have To, With The Same Weapons Of Reason Which Today Arm You Against The Present “

– Marcus Aurelius –


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