Lose, But We Felt We Could Win For It

We never lose a thing, but in our hearts, we say that we can win in it. why can lose? and we should be able to win for it. Sometimes this situation as a state of regret but actually this is a situation where we still have the spirit even though we had lost or failed. if we often think like that, it was very good, because from within ourselves, we still have the passion to win, and constantly thinking of how to win at the next opportunity.


win or else, succeed or fail, it is a sure thing we will face, if we fail, then we should think about how we can succeed and not give up and run away from it all, the circumstances in which we lost and we could have won for it , is a condition where the heart and we are still fighting and not give in to it, it’s just that some of us thought it was over and did not fight again. Success or victory is the goal of hard work, and also there is the luck factor.so, let the spirit take you continue to victory and success.


” Your Spirit Is The True Shield “



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