Secrets And Lies Destroy Happiness !

A Secret can bring a Lie, and a Lie could it bring in a Confidential.
it is the same thing. sometimes we keep something that we suppose it is a disgrace, sometimes we want to expose something that we think it is a problem if there are other people who know about the secret. conceal something is natural, because there is something that is privacy and there is also a general nature. as well as the lie, the lie will save us from a problem, but lies will bring us to enter the world of lies that make us hooked and want to keep repeating it.


Why Secrets And Lies Can Destroy The Happiness?
The right answer in my opinion is because the secrets and lies become a burden and becomes something that constantly we think, we will continue to think our secret will be no one who knows, we always think about the lies we will be something we kidding, we always think about both it and makes us to own burden. that’s why 2 it can destroy happiness. Every man would never do that, I had never done it, and I also know what the risks in the future, maybe I’m including a lucky person because I do not get the impact or the risk of a second of it, but certainly there are people who feel the impact and risks, roads the second best is to delete it from our lives and begin to think about positive things and things that can make our lives better.


“Secrets And Lies, They Are Like A Cancer In The Soul. They Eat Away What Is Good And Leave Only Destruction Behind “




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