Far From Heaven

Nothing in this world that actually have the answers, many questions that have no answers. every day I put on a brave face, live well, to fend for themselves and often feel helpless. hard to say that I can not change who I am, I do what I and my desire. Sometimes I think I’m done with all of this. all the problems are not resolved, all the things that keep bugging me in life. if a lot of people think that I’m the bad, stupid, no religion, I will accept it. nothing needs to be lied to again, we all judge the people around us.


Sometimes I think there needs to be covered up and not going to pretend anymore, people will not be able to imagine how this myself. The hell I’m going through, Not asking you to save me, I’m too far from Heaven, Nothing you can do, to change me, But accept me As I am and encourage me to do better and useful for everyone.


” As Soul Must Cry When They Awaken In Tiny Babies And Find Themselves Far From Heaven “

– John Updike –



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