Missed Something Was Missing

Sometimes in life there are some things that make us miss his presence or longing for something that we are no longer with him. we often miss something that has been missing, in fact it’s natural and normal behavior as a human being, but I think it is not a good thing for ourselves, we may miss something that has been lost but not to weep and expect to return. longing to be something really make us feel miserable and sad, everyone has something to missed, such as family, friends, people we love, things that we like and something that has been lost.

Hot air balloons fly over Dubai during the World Air Games 2015, held under the rules of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale as part of the "Dubai International Balloon Fiesta" event

Miss is human nature that will never disappear. we often miss something in our lives, yearn for the good things, missed the bad things, and it’s all part of a longing that we have. I often long for something that has been missing from my life, a wonderful period of time previously kept me miss, and sometimes I felt sorry for leaving a longing that this torture. perhaps longing in us is never lost, but we also have to think that life will continue in the future, a sense of longing remains a longing, something missing inappropriate for we long for, we should long for is the person always there beside us, loves us, and keep us.


” The Reason Why We Can’t Let Go Of Someone Is Because Deep Inside We Still Hope “



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