Something That Comes Is As It Should Be Gone

All that come into our lives will not be eternal, all it will go one by one slowly. it all depends on how we react to it, whether we can accept it, or we can not accept it and get angry with the situation. there are some things we can not bear to go and there are also some things that we can not hold him to go. time is very fast, all that comes will definitely go back.


The important thing is we are aware of and understand it, something that comes naturally will go away by itself, we only need to familiarize themselves and focus on moving forward. sometimes something comes to look good when he arrived but looks evil as has been with us. love, happiness, sadness, misfortune, and others are examples where something is often come to us and they will go with singularly sincere and give up is something wise, because Something That Comes Is As It Should Be Gone.

” Home Is People Not A Place If You Go Back There After The People Are Gone, They All. You Can See Is What Is Not There Any More “

– Robin Hobb –



  1. Shell Ochsner says:

    Brilliant! You have described life in perfect detail.

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    1. alifsatria00 says:

      yeah, thanks a lot.

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