Care Is A Way To Express Love

Our concern for something is proof that we have the love, caring emerged suddenly from the depths of every human heart, a sense of care can arise because something touching, matter is a form of love. concerned about something that we do not know, care about something that not everyone cares, cares about something that does require attention, care about something we love, care about the little things that not everyone can see it, and care about something that we must pay attention on humanitarian grounds.


Not everyone has a sense of caring towards all things, there are people who only care about a few things, and do not care about the other things, there is no compulsion about it, each of us has to care or do not care about anything. people who have a sense of concern in itself it is certain he has a great love of anyone, and most importantly, we must care about the people always care and be there when we needed her, family, teachers, friends, environment and all the things that deserve to we pay attention to because care is a proof of love.


” I Should Never Have Cared. But I Did Care. I Cared A Lot. And I Still Fucking Care “

– Unknown –


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