The Dark Side Of War

War brings death, pain and grief to both parties, it is very difficult to accept the death of a loved one, but we believe that they will never die. Especially those of us who do not know war, we try to find the meaning of death, but there is only pain and hatred. Dead like trash. the never-ending hatred, pain that can never be cured, that is the meaning of war.


We know that war is a dispute for victory and solve a problem with violence, where a strong group that will win against the weak.
War is not just that, the war had a dark side that if it happens constantly will destroy and affect the mind and life of this world, the war will create resentment that will never end, war is a very dangerous thing, AVOID WAR AND MAKE THIS WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE.


“If We Have The Money To Kill People ( With War ). We’ve Got The Money To Help People”



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