Family Comes First

The godfather movie gave me a lesson in which the family is the first thing that we must guard and we love. many people who think that, if a person is spending more time with his family is someone who is spoiled, it is the opinion of the Invalidity, because the closer and the more often a person with his family, then it was to make a person become someone precious to her family, the family is where we come back, the family includes people who care and love us in a sad, happy and sorrow. the family should be the main thing. Why ?


There are people who have families and there are people who do not have family, it has become destiny in this life, people who have no family would still be alive, they love the people who love and care for them, the family is not a group or association but is where we share love and take care of each other. what about the people who have a family, not whether it occurred to guard and cherish our families see there are still many people who do not have a family, Hold dear and appreciate what we have and make them the first thing of any kind.


” My Family Comes First, Maybe That’s  What Make Me Different From Other Guys “

-Bobby Darin-


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