Failure Is The Main Line A Success

Many people who are not accustomed and not prepared to fail, people who live always filled with good things and positive will tend shocked and saddened premise is that if he gets a failure or sadness, in the neighborhood where I studied was very many people who like it, according to my thinking as humans we do have to get a failure or difficulty in life, there is a proverb that says “those who do good will always get a good thing, but people who are always doing evil will get things better in the future if he could change and learn many lots of villainy


In conclusion, circumstances and situations that we face, we must be ready, life will continue running, if they fall to rise again, if fail try again, if either find a correct answer, if confused try asking and if we are not powerless keep fighting and praying.

” Don’t Place Your Mistake On Your Head, Their Weight May Crush You. Instead, Place Them Under Your Feet And Use Them As A Flatform to View your Horizons “



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