Afraid To See The Future Of Our Own

The future is a mysterious thing for everyone, there are people second-guessing his own future, there is a focus to fight for its future, there are just resigned to their future.
The real problem is our fear of our own future, we think too much about how our future going forward, we too expect more for our future while not doing anything to it.

setipedotcom-tanyasetipe-apakah kamu takut jatuh cinta.jpg

Was one of those who fear the future of my own, why?
because in my age now, I have not been able to produce anything for others and even for yourself yet I have not been able to. I guess at the future, will I be poor and do not have anything, whether I would be alone and have no family anymore, and if I was rich and prosperous in the future. the thought kept ringing in my brain, I want to be successful in the future, but I do not have a pattern and steps to realize it, I was confused and stressed thinking about it, what do I do now will make me get a future better.
I hope I can get the best future with what I’m doing right now, enthusiasm, hard work, family and prayer is the key to everything.


” The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It 

-Dr.Forrest C.Shaklee-


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