The Other Side Of The Bad People

Bad People, on the other hand, usually have bad intentions. On rare occasions, bad people will have good intentions. However, this is very rare. More frequently, bad people will do good things with bad intentions. This definitely does not make them a good person. They are a bad person at their very core.

badpeopleBad people who pretend to be good people

Some bad people are really good at pretending to be a good person. They will often use this to their advantage, exploiting good people and gullible good and bad people by pretending to have good intentions, but really having some selfish, or sinister, or devious, or in some way malfeasant, nefarious, or detrimental purpose, usually to cause personal gain or to cause some harm to another.

Bad people who are just bad are don’t care or even pretend to be good

Other bad people don’t care what anyone thinks. These are one of the worst kind of bad people because they don’t even give the illusion of goodness, except by accident sometimes. Whereas some bad people pretending to be good might accidentally or inadvertently do good, these bad people do not even pretend to be good, they just do whatever they want. These bad people need to be “put down” (like a dying dog), or tortured until they have some sense. However, in reality don’t actually do this, because it’s easy to confuse this kind of bad person with the latter good person (the one who is truly good but makes so many mistakes they appear bad). It would be tragic to treat one of those good people who accidentally acts bad, like one if these bad people. Unfortunately, unlike The Terminator, it’s often difficult or even impossible to distinguish which is which. Which unfortunately means that these bad people get away with much more than they should.

Bad people who pretend to be good in public but not at home, and are an expert at it; they are the most evil of all

The third kind of bad person is a little of both of the above two types of bad people. These bad people pretend to be good people in public, but at home they act like the bad person they really are, in the form of an abusive spouse, abusive parent, or some other type of bad person in their home life. This is the worst bad person of all, because these are the most conniving, deceitful, manipulative bastards you’ve ever met, and you’ll never even know it.

These evil bad people never try to do good; they just pretend to be good in public, but never actually do anything good. As a result it’s impossible to tell that they are at home beating their wife or stabbing their husband or raping their children. Their family at home knows, of course, but are usually too scared to tell anyone. The few bold enough to tell, are not believed, because the bad person is such a master manipulator that not once on their life have they ever slipped up and acted bad in public. These people should be killed upon sight, to prevent their DNA from continuing on. Unfortunately because they are so good at being sneaky lying manipulative bastards that you will never know who they are, unless you hear about one on the news.

Bad people who pretend to be good in public but not at home, are not always the best masterminds; on a very rare occasion are actually good; but are usually evil

There is a fourth type of bad person. These bad people are just like the previous bad people, with the exception that they are not as perfect an evil mastermind. These bad people are not always bad people. Sometime, they are even good people with good intentions. Usually, however, even their good intentions have selfish or even vile intentions behind them. These people are multifaceted. They are also master manipulators, but they aren’t always perfect at manipulating. Sometimes they slip up. As a result, these bad people often do not have very many friends, if any. Without seeing the whole picture, you might even think these are good people. They are not, however. They are bad people, because most of the time, they have bad intentions.

Some bad people can change

Not every person who is a bad person has to stay a bad person. They could become a good person. Usually, however, a bad person cannot become a good person on their own. It usually takes some sort of life-altering event, such as a near-death experience, failed suicide, death of a family member, or some other extreme life event, before the bad person will wake up and realize it’s time to start trying to become a good person. This is because truly bad people do not want to stop being a bad person. They like being bad, and either they are so self-absorbed that they don’t really care how their actions affect other people, or they genuinely enjoy hurting other people.

It usually will take some sort of life-and-death turning point before they could possibly start trying to become a good person – and even then, the worst bad people still will not change. They will go to their grave a bad person. However, if the bad person does decide to become a good person, then at this point the bad person is no longer a bad person, but they have become a good person who makes many mistakes. However, they can only now be called a good person if they have truly changed their core motivations, which is rare, but possible.


– Abraham Lincoln –


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